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Musenhof Dental Clinic has specialized in comfort for our patients. Thanks to modern technologies and high quality standards we are able to give our patients the full spectrum of modern dentistry.

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I needed a bunch of replacements. I must say I didn´t imagine it to be so easy. All in all I´ve visited the clinic three times. Great team.


I was so surprised by their time table. Came in, got welcomed and 5 min later I was sitting on the chair.

No waiting

Nobody loves to visit the dentist. However Doctor Herberger made me feel very comfortable. I asked for their seduction, which was the best thing ever. Fell asleep, woke up and drove home a little later. No pain and new teeth.

Great experience

I´ve visited the clinic twice and since the first second it felt like home. The team is super friendly and welcoming. The whole atmosphere was very nice. If I have to come again, I won´t be sad.

Feels like home

2 Appointments – 1 smile

Dental Implants Meet Innovation

For more than 20 years we are treating all kinds of patients and all kinds of stories behind. No matter if you have not visited a dentist for more than 10 years or visited a dentist 10 times in one year, you all have one thing in common: pain!

Thoses cases are our seciality. We offer a full treatment plan within a short time. After visiting us 2 times, you will be able to walk home with a beautiful new smile and most importantly – without pain!

Say Goodbye to your fear

You are not alone with your fear of dental procedures. A lot of patients are afraid of pain. With our years of experience we have developed a treatment, which is called twilight. It gives you the chance to forget all about pain, it even lets you forget the whole procedure. It sounds like sleeping but yet the patient is able to move their mouth or react to calls. Twilight takes away the fear and most importantly the pain.

Your Time is valuable

Unfortunately we can not gift time yet, however we are able to do something quite similar. Every patient gets their own timetable thus you don not have to wait and you most certainly do not have to come to our clinic tens of times. After your first consultation you know exactly how long the treatment is going on for and what steps we take together to make your smile great again.

What we are known for…

Dental Implants

Teeth make personalities and we support great personalities. Dental implants give you the chance of having healthy and natural teeth. With the help of advanced technologies and our own dental lab, we are able to ensure highest quality standards and quick solutions. Our dental technicians are an essential part of the procedure, especially to offer a direct communication with the patient to decide about color, shape and fit.

Next to one by one implants we also offer the All-on-4 tooth replacement system.



Unleash your best smile!

The best smile shows the best teeth. Veneers are your chance to make healthy teeth look the way their suppost to. Our team once said “we are experts, and we don´t even see the difference!”. Our lab is able to offer you all kinds of shades, to ensure a natural and healthy look.

Say goodbye to weirdly shaped teeth and say hello to your best smile!

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